Hire Magento developer

Hire Magento developer, what does they do? Due to the control over functionality and high flexibility, Magento is considered as a best solution provider for ecommerce websites. It can fulfil all the online business needs from shipping to promotion.  The Magento developers of our firm can develop any ecommerce website, template and web application. They have a comprehensive knowledge of the fundamentals and concepts of PHP, Magento and zend. Our experts can work on Magento integration and they are able to work on the complex projects after analyzing the requirements of the client, they design the main framework by giving priority to hand coding, then check its compatibility with different devices and deploy the application.

Conveys information & technology is the growing name in the area of technology. Our Magento developers have a vast knowledge of XHTML, CSS, XML and modules. They can design any dynamic and operative Magento website within a reasonable time period.  To ensure the quality of the website, they mainly focus on the standard framework, high performance, SEO optimization, custom features (like design elements, automatic emails, custom layout, reports, CSV exports etc.), custom integration (i.e. freight carriers, payment gateways, shipping carriers, shopping feeds, order managements etc) and less overriding with the additional features.

To gain a strong online position in the e-commerce world, the clients can take help from our certified Magento developers. We ensure that our experts can handle any task related to Magento with efficiency like creation of table less Magento themes, development of the plugins and extensions, standardize PSD to Magento conversion and SEO optimization.

Our services

Why Magento?

  1. It is a simple and secure platform.
  2. A feature rich platform for the best online experience.
  3. It offers multiple marketing strategies.
  4. It offers great language and payment support.

What we care of?

Marketing tools: The tools are needed to increase the performance of a website. To deal with the changing pricing of the market, our developers can create the best marketing tools for the clients.

Customized web design: Our skillful developers are aware of all the features of the Magento. They can create any active and responsive web design.

SEO optimization: To compete in the online market, our experts ensure the SEO optimization of the website.