Project Description

WordPress theme 3clicks customization

Basically I have bought the WP theme 3clicks from here: And this is a job I can do myself but due to time constrained busy schedule I want to outsource this job.

The theme already has a preset optional skin/setup which will be used. From the online demo it is option 1. I already have a logo so no need for this. This is the demo of the skin:

Basically i am willing to spend around $50-100 on this job as it is not so difficult so make your offer and tell me your skills and why you are the best person for this job

The former website got hacked and is in a mess. If you can get everything in place based on the zipped website and fix everything or remake the website based on current design I don’t care as long as it is back.

Please tell me what you want to do/ offer as a solution and the price for this job you are willing to accept? The job can only be regarded as finished if all my requirements are met with: fully working website that is customized to my needs (what the original website also was)

So in short: one website was hacked but I have a preliminary design of website on other domain. In the end both sites need to be online with exactly the same details (you can just upload everything from main domain to second domain)