Custom Option Quantity Box

//Custom Option Quantity Box

Custom Option Quantity Box


Add Quantity Box In Custom Options,add quantities with sizes of single product in the same add to cart click.


Add Quantity Box In Custom Options

Add Quantity Box In Custom Options , You have thousands products,All of them is created as a simple product with custom options like colour and sizes. Default Magento does not allow to track quantity using custom options, so without customizations it is not posible to indicate quantity of custom options.
Is there any way I can add qty to my custom options? Like this:


  1. Small 2 qty
  2. Medium 3 qty
  3. Large 4 qty

How to add multiple quantity through custom option in a single Magento product? This extension will allow you to add QTY to custom options of simple product. “Add Quantity Box In Custom Option” Extension allows to create and manage powerful custom options for your Magento website. Powerful, and yet, easy to use extension that will help you to grab your visitor’s attention to introduce him. “Add Quantity Box In Custom Option”, are the best solution to attract your visitor’s attention.

Pricing starts at $99

Installation Pricing starts at $100

How extension will work?

  1. Store owner can add, edit or remove custom options on any simple product.
  2. Just add, edit Product then select custom options tab
  3. after that user can select “Options With Quantity Box” option in dropdown.
  4. add No of options in “Options With Quantity Box” option.

Features include:

  1. add quantity to custom options
  2. add different size same add to cart button
  3. Custom pricing
  4. Options display: on the product view

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User : demo
Pass : demo123

1) Copy the folder Conveys to magentoappcodelocalConveys
2) Copy the file Conveys_OptionsWithQuantity.xml to magentoappetcmodules
3) Copy the folder /code/local/Conveys
4) copy app/design/frontend/base/default/template/optionswithquantity OR in your theme if not default.
5) copy app/design/adminhtml/default/default/template/optionswithquantity OR in your theme if not default.
6) Clear magento cache.

If you face any issue or suggestion then create tickets.Here

Magento Errors
1)Magento CONNECT ERROR: Failed to open file
Ans:- downloaderlibMageArchiveTar.php

Then find the near code line no 563:

if (!($header[‘name’] == ‘././@LongLink’ && $header[‘type’] == ‘L’)) {
And replace it with:
if (!(trim($header[‘name’]) == ‘././@LongLink’ && $header[‘type’] == ‘L’)) {


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